Writer's Block: Animal Instinct

What creature would you choose as your spirit animal?
I actually believe in spirit animals. I have ever since I was little.
And I've always known mine too. It's a hawk. As I got older and
I started doing research on symbolism in dreams, I came
across a lot of stuff that said hawks were messengers and
protectors. So I feel the hawk is a rather appropriate symbol
for myself. I don't really felt like I chose the hawk but rather it
chose me. I don't know. I'm looney like that.

Minor Epiphany

I was just researching celtic symbolism and a few things snapped into place.

I was wondering why a Goddess of death and war would call to me when I'm not drawn to either. Though I like to think of myself independent and strong as Morrigan is, I never felt I fit the bill for those she usually called on. But I started thinking about becoming a doctor, because that profession has become firmly lodged in my mind, and suddenly everything made sense. The Morrigu are the patrons of death and being a doctor I would stand on the crossroads. I would be patron of life and death in a different sense.

This maybe this is all rambling to you but this is very exciting.  Not only does a career suddenly make sense, but a Goddess as well. I'm flipping out about it right now.

Single and Loving It

Confession #28: 
like being single.

Confession #29:  I hate being told I
need a boyfriend to be happy on
Valentine's day.

Confession #30:  I love action movies.
James  Bond FTW! Batman pwns
Spiderman, hands down.

The Chronicles of Monday: Prologue

Title:  The Chronicles of Monday
Summary:  Monday Olsen iscursed; and it's not your average run-of-the-mill family curse either. Her family has been cursed by the Archangel Azrael, the Angel of Death.
Genre:  Paranormal Fiction

I own Azrael, Monday, and all the characters herein. Do not claim them as your own.
Fanfiction is welcome though. I actually think that would be kind of cool.


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Confession #1:   I can't drive a car.

Confession #2:   I don't care that I can't drive a car

Confession #3: 
  I have panic attacks while driving.

Confession #4:   I absolutely hate it when people get
mad at me for having panic attacks

Confession #5:   Biggest pet peeve=Loud hypocrites

Confession #6:   I can cuss in four different languages

Confession #7:   My favorite language to cuss in is Welsh.

Confession #8:   Second biggest pet peeve=people who feel
it's their duty to inform the world of how great a christian they are

Confession #9:   People who are constantly trying to convert
people, who feel someone is lesser because they believe
differently make me want to shoot infants or something

Confession #10:   I don't think stem cell research is evil

Confesstion #11:   I've been informed that because I agree
with "murdering innocents in the name of science" I deserve to
go to hell. Sure.

Confession #12:   I don't believe in Hell, not in the fire and
brimstone sense. Never really have. Makes it hard to go there
despite the fact I'm so worthy of it

Confession #13:  
There's only one person in this world I 
can honestly say I hate. Luckily he lives 2 hours away.  I
liked it better when it was 36.

Confession #14:   Despite all the pet peeves and such, I really
do try to be as loving as possible. It's a work in progress.

Confession #15:   I'm so sick of my mom talking about how her
friend is lost and essentially "spiritually weak" because she's
exploringher religious options. Go figure.

Confession #16:   Peopl who simply refuse to think get on
my nerves. It scares me they're our future.

Confession #17:  
If I were of the feline persuation, I would
totally marry my cat. He's a hottie.

Confession #18:   It bugs me that my mom acts like I'm such a
burden when Dad's gone. Nevermind that I do whatever she asks
and babysit without asking for anything in return.

Confession #19: 
  If I had one wish, it be that I was a capable
young woman living on my own and well enough off.

Confession #20: 
  Unlike other girls my age, I don't really give
a damn about boys and I'm sick of listening to girls swoon over
jerks that just want to feel them up.

Confession #21:   I'm celibate until the end of high school;
meaning I won't date or consider getting married. That means
sex is altogether out of the question. No, I'm not weird and
I have no aspiration to be a nun.

Confession #22:   I stay up late because it's the only way I can
safely rebel. Minus the religion thing which is not as safe.

Confession #23:   My 14th and part of my 15th years are very nearly
earased from my memory. Long story.

Confession #24:   I wish people would stop expecting me to be
an adult because they never let me be a kid. And any time I do
something childish it's like I've murdered their brother or soemthing.
It pisses me off soooo much.

Confession #25: 
  I tell the truth when people think I'm lying. Ironic.

Confession #26:   The look I get when I tell people I'm looking into
different religions resembles that of children being told Santa
doesn't exist. It makes me even more glad I don't tell them I'm
relitively pagan.

Confession #27:   It's best you just ignore this rant. I'll be over it a
little while.
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The Morrigu and Me

For those who don't know much about Celtic Mythology, namely Aurelia for at the moment she is the only one who's friended me, Morrigan is the Celtic goddess of War, Prophecy, and Pleasure (or rather Sex). I'm not really qualified to speak at length on her as I've only recently started my research on her, but from what I do know she's quite a formidable goddess. She is often called The Morrigu which is plural, reffering to her status as a triple goddess though she is most often associated with the Crone, or aged woman. Animals associated with her are ravens and crows.

So why am I going through this little introduction of sorts? It's because I'm going to be talking about her quite a lot from now on. Namely because she's become very "relevant" in my life so to speak. I'm very new to the pagan/wicca scene, so I hate to speak so definitively on subjects others have researched for a good part of their lives but sometimes you just have to go with your gut right? And if my gut (through various meditations and dreams and insights) is telling me that she has a genuine interest in my life, so sincere she's been working in my life way before I could even begin to guess who she was (I've come to believe she spent time with me as an incarnation of an imaginary friend I had until fifth grade), is it so wrong to claim her as mine and let her me as hers (although she already has so there's no stopping that part)? 

The signs have always been there; my prophetic tendencies, my natural talent for fighting, my love for swordfighting and archery. Those open-minded people I know would probably agree that when viewed in context, this makes total sense. I enjoy her company and feel more comfortable with myself when I don't try to deny that she's there like I've been forced to do for so long.

I just wanted to explain this in brief to have a post to point to later on if I reference her and there's any confusion.  I won't go in to any of my specific beliefs pertaining to Wicca or Paganism at this moment in time. That's much better left for another post. :)